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    The picture speaks for itself..
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    Yep ... The original one will probably be more in the 12.000 euro range 🙂 🙂
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    Great pics! Thanks for sharing
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    All I have to offer on this subject is a photo, I don't even remember where I found this pic when I saved it.
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    I guess we at gottmittens are seen as a high end market...
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    I was going to say these are pretty horrible pics for a dealer looking to get $850 for a buckle but im just getting the swing of the new forum lol.
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    The guy replied in private, he refuses the offer ... 🤣I would ban this person . 🤬
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    Are we sure this is german ? Is there a footnote - date - location with this picture ? The oversea cap don't look german to me ... The small kit obviously has a 45 mm type buckle ...
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    Dear mister Feindel , Seeing your buckle is for sale at 500 $ on your website ( updated on Mai 26 as seen on the screen print) That you are advertising the same item on this forum with a price tag of 850 $ ... ... A typo mistake I'm sure ! As well as on another facebook buckle forum connected to this one for 500 $ .. .... The corect asking price I'm sure I Offer you 400 $ all in. This will include the generous discount you are applying to the active members of this forum and the facebook sites who supply you with the soo much needed info on your marchandise ... Rest assured dear mister Feindel that I have copied your advertisements and it will be my pleasure to announce your very generous actions toward collectors of all the buckle related forums . Please let me know by PM how to proceed for the payment and shipping to an US address. paypal ? Thank you per advance, Best personal regards, M.V.
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    I have one I was given by a family friend except mine is aluminium and unmarked.
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    Hello! I had one forty years ago!One of my first german buckles!Funny idea to put his phone number on it!😀
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