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  1. I’m willing to give the forum a go mate. Really pissed off with Facebook about this🤬
  2. Just seen that a load of groups have gone. Some people are saying to use Discord. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t a clue how to use it! Facebook are the real nazis mate!
  3. Should there be a topic / forum on here for any dodgy or fake sales that are spotted to warn everyone not to buy? Just wondering as that would be useful to us newbies who could possibly get stung by unscrupulous dealers.
  4. Looks like some FB monkey is really upset with you!
  5. Have they given a reason for the takedown? Just asking as I’m in a couple of German Bayonet groups on FB and they appear to have been running for ages, and don’t get shut down?!?
  6. I just can’t understand their mentality. Ridiculous.
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