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  1. Lol! First time I see this pic. Cool! Thanks for sharing Rob
  2. How strange that he would try to fleece belt buckle collectors who typically know the value of these types of buckles. This isn't Ebay....Anyways: Good call Lenny. Sending him packing was definitely the right thing to do. Cheers! Rob
  3. That translate to something like "special version of the army armband"? Would love to see the buckle.
  4. Cool pic! I’ve often seen him in the early days with the typical SA buckle. I wonder what kind of buckle he is wearing in this picture?
  5. Very cool! That Art Deco style Reichsbahn buckle is one that I would love to have in my collection. They are not common! A cool piece of German buckle history right there. Rob
  6. Interesting picture. I wonder if this was a "homemade" buckle to match the cap badge? It's not a buckle that I readily recognize. The shorter lad has the standard SA buckle. By the looks of it - it's the standard 45mm size. Thanks for sharing the picture. Rob
  7. Great buckles! I am particularly fond of the DRK brocade as well as the DAF crank catch. Very nice stuff. Thanks for sharing! Rob
  8. Looks like it may be attributed to the marine branch of the HJ....but that said: I have never seen anything like this before. Usually, the "gold" HJ box buckles are the ones linked to the marine HJ, I believe. R.
  9. Bonnie...you won’t be disappointed. Great read with tons of pics.
  10. Cool picture. It was all about the German ‘18 anti tank gun - but then I noticed what the soldier was wearing in the background. Love seeing pics like this.
  11. Beauty buckle that has so much personal value for you. I can understand why it would be your favourite for sure. Cheers! Rob
  12. I had a white belt about 10 years ago. No buckle on it so no idea what branch it belonged to. Sold it for a pretty penny. That said - I do regret parting with it. They are not seen often. Rob
  13. I'm very much looking forward to seeing things return to normal. I'm a teacher and working from home - but that is not what I signed up for: there have been many challenges with "e-learning". When I'm not teaching, I'm a musician in two bands. This was going to be our busiest summer, with gigs all over the province. My more "roch" band, Age of Wisdom (AoW) was also scheduled to open for Burton Cummings/Randy Bachman (The Guess Who) at a huge music festival that has since been cancelled. I was looking forward to playing in front of our largest crowd yet: about 8000 concert goers. BLEH!! Covid also had me cancel a week long trip to Cuba, a week long trip to Toronto and also a 2 week trip to L.A.. Don't even get me started on restaurants. That is probably the first thing I'm going to do once patios/restaurants open. I miss my friends and my family. My dad is in a long term care home and he has Covid right now. No fever yet, no cough - only VERY tired. He is spending a lot of time in bed. We have not been able to see him in 8 weeks. Hard on me - but hardest on my mom. SO....lots of reasons to see this shit show disappear. We'll get there. R.
  14. My other one (I just can't decide) is this rather hard to find NSKK example that I was lucky to acquire a number of years ago. A Russian collector had dibs but was not "pulling the trigger" when it came to paying for it. I was second in line so I quickly gobbled it up. Cool buckle.
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