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  1. Lenny, I've had two originals. I remember going down to see Tony Oliver in Egham, Surrey around 1964 or so. He had just come back from a buying trip in Europe. He had visited the Assmann factory and had a whole stack of originals. These are now very hard to find.
  2. One of the best period reference books is an original Assmann catalog. I imagine most of you out there have a copy of this in your reference library. The originals are now very hard to find. An original cover looks like this. Actually there were a lot of pages/plates left over from the factory. Most of these were rebound using a repro cover. The original was looseleaf & used three brass studs so you could add remove pages.
  3. He said that at one time he owned this buckle. I have never seen or heard of such a buckle come up for sale. I would be interested to hear any comments.
  4. I used to own a very good buckle collection. It was never really big, but it did contain some really rare buckles. I started selling off the collection some years ago and am now down to just six buckles. Here they are. And that's it folks. I do also have four nice brocaded belts.
  5. I also have this one which is excellent & has some great color photos of some rare buckles, including all 3 classes of the Eastern Peoples Leaders buckle.
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