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Buckle Gallery Opinions?  

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  1. 1. Should we...

    • have individual galleries for each type of buckle.
    • have one gallery for all buckle pics.
    • keep the pics in the seperate forums to help with discussion.

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I'd like your opinions on the Buckle Gallery. It's an add-on for the forum which could be handy, however I wonder if it takes the knowledge/information away from the dedicated topics.

I've added an Imperial Buckle Gallery as a test. Need your opinions on it, I've created a poll.


We could use a seperate gallery for each type of buckle, which might get confusing, or we could have one gallery for all buckles. My only concern is that it won't lend itself to have discussion on the actual buckle, and it can look disorganised.

If we kepth the buckle pics in the relevant forums, then it would be easier to discuss and learn from the pics.


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