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25 minutes ago, Sarah Sutherland said:

Just say.. I will be glad when it is all over. Missing going out and doing what you want to do.. what about you Lenny?

I'm working from home as I work for the NHS, but miss seeing family and friends, going fishing, going to militaria fairs etc. However, this is serious, people are dying. I can wait.... 😉

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I'm very much looking forward to seeing things return to normal. I'm a teacher and working from home - but that is not what I signed up for: there have been many challenges with "e-learning". When I'm not teaching, I'm a musician in two bands. This was going to be our busiest summer, with gigs all over the province. My more "roch" band, Age of Wisdom (AoW) was also scheduled to open for Burton Cummings/Randy Bachman (The Guess Who) at a huge music festival that has since been cancelled. I was looking forward to playing in front of our largest crowd yet: about 8000 concert goers.  BLEH!! 

Covid also had me cancel a week long trip to Cuba, a week long trip to Toronto and also a 2 week trip to L.A.. Don't even get me started on restaurants. That is probably the first thing I'm going to do once patios/restaurants open. 

I miss my friends and my family. My dad is in a long term care home and he has Covid right now. No fever yet, no cough - only VERY tired. He is spending a lot of time in bed. We have not been able to see him in 8 weeks. Hard on me - but hardest on my mom. 

SO....lots of reasons to see this shit show disappear. We'll get there. 


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