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  3. My buckles b4 some ....update 😎


  4. He was supposed to go to the SOS that year and we were going to meet up there. He wanted me to bring him a large bottle of Louisiana hot sauce for him to take back with him. Definitely miss our talks.
  5. Definetly a place for it, let me think where though...
  6. Should there be a topic / forum on here for any dodgy or fake sales that are spotted to warn everyone not to buy? Just wondering as that would be useful to us newbies who could possibly get stung by unscrupulous dealers.
  7. I must be doing something right then. πŸ˜‰
  8. Looks like some FB monkey is really upset with you!
  9. Hi folks, Sorry, FB blocked my personal profile again so I can't get onto FB with any of my profiles... 😞
  10. How do I follow a forum or topic? Very easily, at the top right of all forums, or individual post you'll see a "Follow box. Click that, it'll allow you to follow a forum, (a group of posts) or individual posts. You can get an email every time a post/forum is updated or once a day, or even once a week with all the new updates.
  11. No worries @Marc, this foum is the one that's staying... πŸ˜‰
  12. I voted "new style" but have no idea of the difference with the "actual" one LOL
  13. Everyone should have this book, it's not perfect but it's the closest we have. I was honoured to have known Peter and his son James, who were both supporters of Got Mittens. https://www.amazon.co.uk/German-Belt-Buckles-1845-1945-Enlisted/dp/0764318705
  14. They never give a reason, originally an old period pic of SS men, I was asking about white belts....
  15. Have they given a reason for the takedown? Just asking as I’m in a couple of German Bayonet groups on FB and they appear to have been running for ages, and don’t get shut down?!?
  16. @Lenny Warren Lufty Monday Heer Friday SA Saturday SS Sunday Tuesday and Wed are free for all 😁
  17. Anyone fancy a lottery/raffle? I'm not 100% sure but just thinking about means of gettimng new members... Say i have a buckle I want to sell for Β£100, I could sell 100 tickets for Β£1, winner gets the buckle, possibly or Β£1. Of course any registered member could lottery a buckle, or maybe members with more than say, x amount of posts and would have to be a sensible total amount so not ripping off members... Thoughts?
  18. Great idea @meganie Can you and @Sarah - Lufty Queen work out a list of Mon-Sunday? πŸ˜‰
  19. I think we should start threads or sub-forums for Lufty Monday, SAturday, SSunday, etc. where we can post random photos of our collection that don't deserve an own thread? My contribution for LUFTschutz monday:
  20. ...and in latest news. Deleted personal profile re-instated. GM II and GM III re-instated. Puzzled, but hey ho... Hour later.. they came back with a vengeance, deleted 3 of my other profiles, including a fishing profile which has never mentioned militaria. Eh?? Sigh... HATE Facebook... :(
  21. I just can’t understand their mentality. Ridiculous.
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