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  2. Mint Police buckle probably made by assman stuck in America. 125 Euro shipped to US PP FF or add 5% PM if interested.
  3. Earlier
  4. Interesting, ( FAD ) Freiwilliger Arbeits Dienst..
  5. Cool! Always love seeing pics like this! cheers
  6. Interesting photo
  7. Good one in my opinion! Nice one!
  8. Ok,thank you! I bought it this morning.
  9. Sorry,not at right place!😰
  10. Hello, I think this one is genuine.Can you tell me your thought please. Thanks
  11. I think most likely SA. During this time with Rohm, he often wore that kind of buckle. Would be nice to know what type? Static? Sunwheel?
  12. To bad we can't see what buckle it is. Not my picture
  13. Nice picture of a feldgendarmerie soldier
  14. See these walther promo buckles at shows quite often, guys always trying to suck 3-400 dollars out of people 😞
  15. Here are the two others, courtesy of your truly .... 🙂 🙂
  16. One of the finest collections in the world, located in Belgium ... Off course ... 🙂 🙂 The picture shows one of the only 3 SS officers prototypes know and the only one on the unique prototype brocade.
  17. Great pics! Thanks for sharing
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