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  1. Interesting, ( FAD ) Freiwilliger Arbeits Dienst..
  2. Arbeitsmann, unknown Abt.
  3. Arbeitsmann, unknown Abt.
  4. Arbeitsmann 4/91 Neue Muhl bei Eberswalde, 'Theodor Casella'
  5. Arbeitsmann 3/233 Nieder Simten, 'Landgraf Moritz von Hessen'
  6. The 'Official' RAD buckle was introduced in 1936, so, for the most part when we see RAD personnel wearing FAD buckles, it probably dates to 35' or before.. He we see an Arbeitsmann wearing the FAD buckle, he is from 2/192 Collrunger Moor bei Friedeberg, 'Konig Rabod'
  7. The picture speaks for itself..
  8. Another piece of Ebay garbage.. By this time next week, someone is going to buy this...
  9. This is the last thing he sent me via Messenger, for some reason, the entire conversation, and all correspondence is gone...
  10. All I have to offer on this subject is a photo, I don't even remember where I found this pic when I saved it.
  11. Good call Lenny, it did seem predatory at first glance, but to add insult to injury, the buckle did not justify the cost, and the inflated pricing was the last straw, as they say.. It's almost like going into a bar to rob the patrons, and unbeknownst to the crook, it is a Police after work hangout, that doesn't work out to well..
  12. Enter the information as to what the topic is about, then below, enter any information and photo's you would like to share.. and keep going in that area. just be sure you have the right sub forum for that topic, Heer, Luft, etc; when finished with that buckle, enter submit, and just do the same for the next buckle as a 'Reply to topic' for your database..
  13. Open the topic and select 'New Topic'..
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