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  1. All should be working fine, but any issues let me know....
  2. There’s a separate are just for police buckles, post in there. You can add as many pics as you want.
  3. Hi there, we’re still short of our donation target to cover the cost of web hosting and forum licence fees. If you’ve benefited from Got Mittens, please consider donating to help keep it running… https://www.gotmittens.org/donations/donation-form/
  4. I think create a topic within the relevant area and add pics there. The benefit with this forum is the information is guaranteed to be permanent, not removed randomly by Facebook.
  5. I think that buckle pics should be in the relevant area, easier to find. Galleries are a great idea, but tends to split the pictures from the info. thoughts?
  6. Definetly a place for it, let me think where though...
  7. I must be doing something right then. 😉
  8. Hi folks, Sorry, FB blocked my personal profile again so I can't get onto FB with any of my profiles... 😞
  9. How do I follow a forum or topic? Very easily, at the top right of all forums, or individual post you'll see a "Follow box. Click that, it'll allow you to follow a forum, (a group of posts) or individual posts. You can get an email every time a post/forum is updated or once a day, or even once a week with all the new updates.
  10. No worries @Marc, this foum is the one that's staying... 😉
  11. Everyone should have this book, it's not perfect but it's the closest we have. I was honoured to have known Peter and his son James, who were both supporters of Got Mittens. https://www.amazon.co.uk/German-Belt-Buckles-1845-1945-Enlisted/dp/0764318705
  12. They never give a reason, originally an old period pic of SS men, I was asking about white belts....
  13. Anyone fancy a lottery/raffle? I'm not 100% sure but just thinking about means of gettimng new members... Say i have a buckle I want to sell for £100, I could sell 100 tickets for £1, winner gets the buckle, possibly or £1. Of course any registered member could lottery a buckle, or maybe members with more than say, x amount of posts and would have to be a sensible total amount so not ripping off members... Thoughts?
  14. Great idea @meganie Can you and @Sarah - Lufty Queen work out a list of Mon-Sunday? 😉
  15. ...and in latest news. Deleted personal profile re-instated. GM II and GM III re-instated. Puzzled, but hey ho... Hour later.. they came back with a vengeance, deleted 3 of my other profiles, including a fishing profile which has never mentioned militaria. Eh?? Sigh... HATE Facebook... :(
  16. Sigh.. latest backup for Got Mittens, the Mk IV versionhas been taken down by FB after 24 hours... The game's definetly a bogey on FB... 😞
  17. Welcome back to the true home of Got Mittens. No censorship, no deleting profiles, just sharing knowledge and our mutual love of collecting German buckles.. Onwards and upwards…
  18. Thoughts and opinions needed. 😉
  19. I'd like your opinions on the Buckle Gallery. It's an add-on for the forum which could be handy, however I wonder if it takes the knowledge/information away from the dedicated topics. I've added an Imperial Buckle Gallery as a test. Need your opinions on it, I've created a poll. https://www.gotmittens.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/category/2-imperial-buckles/ We could use a seperate gallery for each type of buckle, which might get confusing, or we could have one gallery for all buckles. My only concern is that it won't lend itself to have discussion on the actual buckle, and it can look disorganised. If we kepth the buckle pics in the relevant forums, then it would be easier to discuss and learn from the pics. Thoughts?
  20. Ok, here's the script. This group is about sharing of knowledge and helping fellow buckle collectors. It is not for profiteering. @george feindel posted a Postchutz buckle here for sale for $850 whereas it was on his dealer website for $500. He was questioned about it, had the chance to explain or adjust, he did not. That really goes against the spirit of this group, it is NOT acceptable... @george feindelis no longer welcome here. Also banned from our FB group too...
  21. Have a look at the test Imperial Buckle gallery, interested in whether we just have a group with buckle topics in it or a seperate gallery. The thing about the gallery, it's great, but is it not better to have a discusson that's linked with pics?
  22. Hi folks, I'm working on dedicated buckle albums in a gallery, you'll see it as it progresses but please don't add anything to it/them till I'm finished. 😉
  23. Just keep clicking things, you can’t break it. 😉 im just setting up a proper gallery so that’ll be here soon...
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